Fall 2017 Northrise News: Academic Partnerships, Dordt Student, Joel Kafwimbi

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Published: 12 September 2017

Joel KafwimbiJoel describes his childhood as nomadic.  After his father passed away when he was about five years old, his small family moved to Zimbabwe to begin a new life.  When he was twelve years old, his family relocated five times in one year.  As a result of moving and seeing different places, he developed an interest in structures and design.  His story begins with a creative mind and an appreciation for architecture. Originally, his thoughts were limited to what he could see around him.  He dreamed of designing a building and turning his creative ideas into reality.  He rediscovered his potential from the use of computer architecture and design applications.  Desiring to improve the world of architecture by making life easier and more affordable, but also wanting to bring sophistication and high-tech concepts to the world of architecture, he felt compelled to consider software engineering.

The opportunity to study at Dordt College will open up doors for Joel and will allow him to be educated and well-trained in order to bring his knowledge and skills back to Zambia.  He understands and appreciates the importance of entrepreneurs and educating, encouraging, and preparing the next generation.  Looking to the future, he would like to initiate a training program for the youth of Zambia, allowing them to be more prepared to successfully enter the workforce.  He desires to help create and encourage entrepreneurs who will stand out in society and work hard to make a living, regardless of their situation, in order to support and provide for their families and become prominent members of their communities.  He feels as though the leadership of Zambia must work with the people of Zambia to end corruption, alleviate poverty, and broaden the accessibility of education and healthcare to all parts of the country, including the extremely remote areas.


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