Fall 2017 Northrise News: Academic Partnerships, Dordt Student, Luther Mukanga

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Published: 12 September 2017

Luther MukangaLuther began his academic journey at a day school in Ndola.  Growing up in a home that loves the Lord, he values helping others and is tremendously grateful for the financial assistance he has received from friends of Northrise.  He has a personal desire to make a contribution that will stand the test of time, not just within his family, community, and Zambia, but throughout Africa.  Thanks to his religious beliefs, as well as valuing the principles of integrity and respect, he knows he will make a difference in the world.  Luther loves the country of Zambia and knows what Zambia has to offer the world.  “I hope Zambia will realize how much potential there is in this county and utilize it to the full.”  Luther hopes that each Zambian will one day realize that making an effort to change things eventually will bring about transformation.  He sees himself taking up a leadership role which will help change the mindset of people especially in government institutions and has a desire to be the change he wishes to see in his country.

Luther has been selected to study at Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa.  It is truly an amazing opportunity and a dream come true for Luther.  Growing up with a desire to study Civil Engineering, he is eager to pursue his passion and embark on a new journey.  He looks back several years to a time in his life when he was praying for the opportunity to study Engineering in Zambia.  God’s timing and plans are always better than ours, however.  Luther began studying Law at Northrise, and while it was not his original plan, he was grateful to be attending Northrise and was dedicated to doing well.  The Northrise University and Dordt College partnership will allow Luther to return to Zambia fully qualified to train engineers.  He believes this opportunity will help to usher Zambia into the next phase of construction advancement and development.  He is overwhelmed at how God works and is so thankful to be a part of the Northrise vision.


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