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Published: 15 September 2017

Marcia Hayes Impact Ndola 2017

Mulishani. Bueeno. How’s my Bemba?


My name is Marcia, you’ve met my husband Steve. As Dr. Zimba said we’ve lived overseas for 27 years in East Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. We worked with people in North Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. Steve worked in the horn of Africa, but I had never been to

the heart of Africa…Zambia.


I worked in the Women’s Conference and as others told you we had a main speaker and then we broke up into small groups and we studied the Word and we feasted on the Word. As Anita said, I didn’t come to teach these women, I came to learn from them. Most of my group were older women and the wisdom that they had gathered from living out their lives in the Word inspired me and it encouraged me. Many of them have lived very painful and difficult circumstances. Many of them are stilling living in difficult and painful circumstances. Many of them have a heart’s cry that said, ‘If only my husband hadn’t abandoned me. If only my body were healed. If only my children would respect me and love God.’ But they have come to a place through God’s grace, through the study of the Word to say, ‘Even if my children don’t respect me, even if my body isn’t healed, I can say I trust You. I praise Your name.’ They’ve learned that it’s God plus nothing that satisfies their soul. They have learned that it’s God plus nothing that makes them complete. So I’ve come to the end of this week and the Lord has renewed my mind, He’s refreshed my spirit, and I am so glad that He made it possible for me to come.

– Transcribed from Impact Ndola 2017 Worship Celebration service

Marcia Hayes IN17 Worship Celebration


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