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Published: 19 July 2016

Capital Campaign

Immediate Need – Finishing Phase 1

Campus Center and Infrastructure

Northrise University is in immediate need of $340K in capital gifts to complete the Campus Center project and related infrastructure. Specifically, the immediate needs regarding the Campus Center are to complete the Phase 1 roads, landscaping and parking lots ($240K) and entrance ($50k) before the rainy season begins in October/November.

The hard surface/paved roads, landscaping and parking lots will require 6 weeks to complete, and the entrance building and related roads will require about 4 weeks. The additional ($50k) is for the remaining miscellaneous furniture and computer equipment needed to make the Campus Center fully operational for the next semester which begins in August.

Dormitory Remodel

The existing dormitory needs to be expanded and some repair work is needed. With Northrise University’s emphasis on student recruitment, and the construction of the Campus Center, it is possible to expand the capacity of our dormitory from 58 to 72 students. This will be completed by removing the kitchen, and converting some existing open space to student rooms.

The costs to complete this remodel along with some repairs is estimated at $100K. A gift of $50K has been made toward this work and construction has begun given the very short time frame to complete the work before the next semester begins in August. Please consider a capital gift toward completion of this work.

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Finishing the Campus Center Roads
]Dormitory Remodel and Expansion



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