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Published: 20 February 2018


Monday, the 12th of February marked the beginning of the first semester of the year at Northrise University. As a first-year student, I was eager yet anxious about what my first semester would hold for me.

We had our first joint chapel. It helped calm my nerves as Dr. Zimba, who was the speaker of the day, reminded us about one of the major keys of achieving success in any area of our lives. He stated, “Becoming friends with God is the only way to attain success in life.”

This years theme is centered around becoming friends with God. Our class devotions have been in that line. He read from the book of John, chapter 15 and verses 12 to 17. He then pointed out that only those who have been reconciled with God through Jesus have an access to this privilege. He also highlighted 4 characteristics of people who Jesus calls his friends from the passage:

  1. They love one another as Jesus has loved them. In verse 12, Jesus reminds us of this command. Dr. Zimba emphasized this command by telling us that love isn’t only a caring feeling but how we treat and serve those around us.


  1. They obey his commands. Jesus says in verse 14 that we are his friends if we do what he commands us.


Points 3 and 4 were connected and they spoke about bearing fruit as a disciple and friend of Jesus because this is the only way people will know that we have a relationship with him and in turn, be ministered too.


I’m able to relate this message to my stay at Northrise University; Abiding in Jesus’ love by being his friend, is what will help me genuinely love those around me. This will help me in my work study, service learning and so many other things.


Overall, I know Jesus will give me the strength to handle any situation.

By Leya Muleya


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