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Published: 7 July 2011


The first day of Impact Ndola 2011 was filled with a burst of excitement and a sense of unity among friends and family. Everyone felt the presence of God as they did their part in building God’s vision for Ndola and ultimately humanity. Being part of the media team gave me the privilege to observe, interact and enjoy the presence of our friends from the United States who are here to contribute themselves as ‘tools’ in God’s work through their various skills and talents.

Melissa Chinn, a nurse by profession, caught my attention among many. She travelled here from Hollywood with her father Dr. Daryl Chinn who also offers his expertise in the medical field as a Doctor. I spent a few minutes with Melissa and Daryl asking about their first day’s experience at Impact and what they were expecting in their stay here in Zambia; “I can’t wait to work at the hospital” Melissa said. There was a passion in her eyes for the work that she did and I wondered why. “I love to interact with patients and by serving them I’m using my various skills to serve God which makes me happy”. What a great feeling and opportunity it must be to work as father and daughter in the vision Gods has for all of us. Everyone in Impact Ndola is using their skills to better the conditions of their fellow neighbours and that pleases our God. Thank you to all those who have chosen to change the lives of others through their work during Impact Ndola 2011.

by Chisha Mwansa,  Northrise Student and  Media Team Members


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