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Published: 15 October 2010



One of my 2010 new year’s resolutions was to make time for my bible reading every morning. This has been no small feat, as I live way outside town on a farm and commute to school each morning.  So between waking up and getting to school is a jog, a shower, dressing up, eating breakfast and rushing to the main road to catch a bus before 8am; you bet each second is worth its weight in gold.

But thankfully, my God is important to me, so I find the time. Recently I read a scripture, and being the aspiring designer that I am, it touched me in every sense for I cannot imagine a garment more artistically flawless than the petal that clothes each flower; it’s the right weight and texture, each perfectly symmetrical, a beautiful symphony of color.

It struck me, that even when I feel the world is becoming an unbearable place to live, money’s tight, grades are bad, friends are scarce and bridges burning all around me, there’s one person, one friend who values me above all else. And like the flowers of the field, he clothes me, like the birds of the air, he feeds me. He is not only my Savior and my king, but he is also my most intimate friend, my provider, confidant, and my foundation.  And as crazy as it may sound to the rest of the world, in him I am complete.

I know I am a sinner, and in my case, every minute I fall short of His glory. But boy, am I glad, that he’s got my back!!

by Getrude Mashano


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