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Published: 7 July 2010


footballNorthrise Eagles in action….

Apart from the handful of women who actually play Soccer and the minority that are dedicated to cultivating similar interests as their spouses, soccer for most women is always last on their interest list; I wonder though that it even makes the list. Personally, a dreadful moment would ideally be a room with wall-to-wall screens and the repetitive chants of enthused soccer fanatics.

On the other hand, my daily conversations, the fashion industry and news all drone on about this sport of grown men all chasing a ball like their lives depend on it. What is it with this sport then? Well, coming to think of it,  soccer does bring some good to the world. For example, it doesn’t hurt that this year’s World cup is being held in Africa, a continent known to be the poorest in the world but rich in natural resources.  For most Africans, this event has not only been viewed as a once in a lifetime opportunity but additionally a symbol of hope. A reaffirmation that Africans have great potential and most importantly that the sky is the limit!

The new generation of Africans and Zambians in particular is composed of young and brilliant innovative thinkers who are daily making the most of their environment. Certainly, Northrise University students are not limited by their circumstances nor environment. They are dreamers and like all real dreamers know…when you dream, you should always dream big! And the biggest of all dreams is to change a Nation by first being changed. I love asking students what they are going to do with their changed lives after attaining their degrees. And let me tell you, I never walk away disappointed…

by Getrude Mashano


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