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Published: 7 July 2011

impact 2011 multi day

Impact Ndola 2011 is definitely making its mark on Zambia. The city of Ndola from the Northrise farms, to the Ndola Baptist Church, to the National police station is taking in members of the Northrise volunteer community.

Today the service in the community continued and the media team got to spend time at various different ministry points throughout the city.

  • The Ndola police station welcomed Danalyn Savage and Harry Sexton as the two spoke about abuse, violence and self-protection to a room of police officers eager to hear about ways to improve their city’s knowledge of safety. Danalyn commented on the positivity she sensed in the room stating, “The police and people of Ndola seem ready and open to change. The men in particular seem to want to move away from the historical domestic abuse and towards a brighter future.”
  • Arthur Davidson Children’s Hospital allowed doctors from the team to do rounds with their staff doctors: treating patients, performing x-rays and ultrasounds and providing their own diagnosis patients. During the afternoon, the volunteer doctors lectured the staff on diseases that are often misdiagnosed or not recognized in Zambia and current methods for treating patients.
  • Northrise Farms continues to grow and take shape as members of the build team worked hard laboring to continue to grow Northrise. The NUCare facility is taking shape and the ground is being laid for a foreman house on the farm.
  • Pastors from across the city met and communed together learning from each other, and sitting under powerful teaching from guest lecturers. Scott Savage addressed the pastors today and blessed the community with stories of his faith, encouragements from his journey and answers to any question they may have.
  • Artist Whitney Stroupe and her protégé, Northrise staff members Pimpa and Banji Simasiku, spent the whole day painting montages in Kuhula house, the newest classroom building. The montages will bring some colorful beauty to the Northrise Campus and highlight verses from the word of God to remind students daily of who is in control.

Tomorrow, the sun will rise on the team’s final day to serve, but the imprint that Impact 2011 is leaving will grow immensely as each day shows that Northrise team members will leave their mark on Ndola.


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