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Published: 14 July 2015

Each one of our Impact Ndola 2015 travelers are well and sharing in amazing experiences as we began our ministry projects Tuesday morning.  The Build team was out the door first, just like the day before, and was followed out shortly after by our Children’s VBS teams, the Women’s Conference team, the Evangelism team and our Media & Support teams.  The Pastor’s Conference team met with seminary students and pastors at Northrise University today in anticipation of the beginning of the Men’s Conference on Wednesday.  Just in that one list you can see the expanse of the Impact on Ndola as we minister to thousands.

Photo cred: Edwin Phiri

Photo cred: Edwin Phiri

Today we will highlight the experience at Mapalo Morning Glow Academy.  This campus is buzzing with activity as our Build Team constructs a chapel for the school, our Children’s VBS team leads in Bible Study teaching and activities, the Evangelism Team shares in the gospel, an Eye-glasses Ministry Team shares free glasses, with the Media Team capturing it all for you.  Here is a view of the ministries at Mapalo from Andrew Mbewe, a 1st year Business Administration Student serving on the Media Team:


Day Two (3) Sampa-Sean

Photo cred: Sean Sampa

It was a nice experience in Mapalo. I reached the site around 09:00 hours together with the VBS team and immediately upon arriving at the site I started taking pictures of the building team as they were building the chapel for Mapalo Morning Glow Academy. To my amazement I found the building growing!  For I, like most of the people were thinking that the chapel building could not be done in four days. It was amazing that just in two days’ time; people could see the structure of chapel coming up. From the chapel building site I then went to take photos from the two classes where the VBS activities were happening. The VBS team at Mapalo did amazing ministry for the children, such as singing with the pupils, teaching the pupils about Jesus Christ and about the love of God. The pupils response was wonderful, for they would dance to the songs with excitement and smiles on their faces. 

Outside the classrooms there were many kids who came when they saw our media team coming to the campus. We also had a wonderful time with these kids such as game playing and photo taking.Next, from interacting with the kids outside the classes, we went to the clinic right there at Mapalo where many people from within the community came to collect eye glasses.  There again we took pictures of the people and interviewed them about why they came to collect the eye glasses.  We got a lot of different responses from them such as, “we cannot see properly as we are reading, some said.Day Two (1) JJ

Others said they feel too much pain in the eyes when reading the Bible, while others said their eyes drop tears when they are reading such that they fail to read even for a few minutes. We asked them if they think eye glasses will bring a change to their problems. Their answers to this question were given with a smile and appreciation because eye glasses are quite expensive which most of them cannot afford. From the eye clinic we talked to the people who came to collect Bibles to ask why they wanted a Bible. They said the Bible is the word of God therefore we need it most. It was wonderful and amazing work which I experienced at Mapalo Morning Glow Academy.  Seeing evidence that the building of the chapel will come to completion in just a few days; seeing how the VBS team managed to put great smiles on the kids; and seeing the excitement of the people to collect free eye glasses.”

– Andrew Mbewe from Impact Ndola 2015 Media team, 1st Year BBA


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