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Published: 9 July 2019

Impact Ndola 2019 is in full-swing.

Today we have a team of over 200 volunteers serving in Ndola.

  • over 200 women at a Women’s Conference at Northrise University Campus Center
  • 200 men at a Men’s Conference at Ndola Baptist Church
  • 300 children at Mapalo Morning Glow Academy
  • 300 children at Mackenzie Academy
  • over 100 children at Arising Life Ministries
  • dozens of dental patients at NUCare Clinic

Northrise University is making an impact on our city of Ndola.
Our friends from the United States arrived safely over the weekend. 64 friends from the US have arrived from dozens of different itineraries. Through all of that no luggage was lost, though some were delayed by a few hours. Most importantly, all the travelers arrived safe and sound. Some were more “sound” than others as jet lag hit each differently. By now, even those who arrived last are adjusting to the time difference and finding rest through the whole night. Rest that will sustain them through the busy activities of today’s ministry projects.

Zambian Worship

Lunch at Mint Restaurant in Ndola, Sunday July 8 2019

On Sunday our friends that arrived early had an opportunity to worship with local congregations in Ndola. They got to experience first-hand Zambian Christian hospitality and different styles of worship. After worship we got to taste the fine dining Ndola has to offer at  local restaurants. And we continued to experience Zambian fellowship.

Exploring Ndola

Monday, we made our way to the Northrise University campus. We met many of the NU staff during an orientation and welcome by Dr. Moffat Zimba and Steven Sikobela, our host for the week. Alice Simutowe, one of Northrise’s first students and now a staff member, blessed us with a word from the Scriptures. Brandon Arneson, one of Impact Ndola’s first guests, shared his testimony and led in prayer. There we laughed, cried, and found energy and enthusiasm for the week of service ahead. Then we headed into the city of Ndola to show our guests around this community in which we are serving. Hosted by NU students and staff, the city tour highlighted spots like the Caravelle House, where Northrise University launched in 2003, and each of the children’s centers where we will serve during Impact Ndola. Even those who had been on these city tours during previous Impact Ndola trips said they saw new sights, learned new interesting facts about Zambian life and business, and gained a better picture of Ndola and the community we serve.

Campus Tour

Upon returning to the Northrise University campus, the tour continued, exploring the extensive 640 acres that is home to Northrise University. Guests visited Northrise Farms and learned much about the operations of our banana crops, cattle, and chicken productions and the Farm ministry to Ndola, especially to local businesswomen. We toured the classrooms, Kahula House, NUCare, and the dormitory, finishing at the Campus Center – a beacon of excellence standing out in Ndola.

Joining a Legacy of Excellence

Impact Ndola 2019 is the sixth week of service hosted by Northrise University and supported by friends from the United States. This ministry, that began in 2008, has maintained a similar format, serving in the same three schools and hosting Christian conferences for Pastor’s and women in Ndola. Each time, we have connected NU students with friends from the US to lead and serve in these ministries. This year we have extended that leadership and service to include 40 Northrise University staff and alumni. What a testimony it is that our graduates want to come back and experience Impact Ndola again, even when it is not for Service Learning credit (required community service hours that motivate many of our first and second year student volunteers). A testimony echoed by the investment made by the 64 friends who have now joined hundreds of others over the past 10 years and travelled here from the US to serve.

Feeling the Impact

Impact Ndola certainly blesses the city of Ndola, of that we are certain, but also blessed are those who serve. The impact the city feels is felt also by those who volunteer. Stay tuned for more articles in the days ahead to see pictures and hear stories about Impact Ndola 2019.


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