Impact Ndola 2023 at Northrise University: Revitalized and Empowering Communities

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Published: 10 August 2023


After a four-year interruption caused by the covid-19 pandemic, Impact Ndola at Northrise University made a triumphant return, rekindling its mission to serve communities and spread positive change. With the support of Friends of Northrise University flying from the USA and the enthusiastic participation of the university’s students, the dynamic Impact Ndola team was formed. This outreach program encompassed diverse initiatives, spanning from Vocational Bible School (VBS) to conferences, medical care, evangelism, and farm projects like greenhouse construction. The impact of this program was not only felt by the team members but also left a lasting impression on the lives of the communities it touched.

Vocational Bible School: Transformative Experiences

At three centers – Mapalo Morning Glow Academy, McKenzie Community School, and Arising Life Ministries – the VBS program unfolded with four engaging segments: recreation, music, Bible school, and crafts. Students and friends of Northrise University had personal and transformative experiences throughout the sessions. The students marveled at the pupils’ talents, and the joy of service inspired many to continue making a difference whenever possible. For newcomers, being the reason for the children’s happiness left an everlasting impression.
The Bible school segment was especially meaningful as team members shared the joy of spreading the word of God to the young ones. They found it much more fun and rewarding than their usual routines, making the learning experience even more profound.

Medical Assistance Bringing Joy and Care

A team of nurses from Baylor University played a significant role in the Impact Ndola 2023 program, visiting the VBS centers to set up stations for play, oral hygiene lessons, and body checkups. One nurse cherished the beautiful experience, considering it a highlight to contribute to the children’s health and well-being. Their presence brought joy and care to the little ones, making the Impact Ndola program even more meaningful.

Enriching Conferences for Men and Women

The men’s conference at Ndola Baptist drew over 132 men, focusing on themes of ‘Success,’ ‘The Reality of Spiritual Weariness,’ and ‘Identity.’ Pastor Paul Jenkinson praised the realistic discussions, practical knowledge shared, and uplifting encouragement given to all attendees. Similarly, the Women’s Conference, with over 230 attendees, centered around the theme ‘Woman, Are You Deceived?’ The event featured Prayer, Praise & Worship, invigorating group discussions, and exercise breaks. Many participants expressed gratitude for the empowering event that helped women grow and walk with Jesus Christ. The presence of numerous youths was heartening, showcasing the impact of the conference on younger generations as well.
Spreading the Light of Faith through Evangelism
The evangelism team ventured into the surrounding communities of the VBS centers each day, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the need to be prepared for His return. Their efforts resonated with the people, with many eager to listen and requesting follow-up conversations. Stories were shared of lives touched and transformed, such as a person reaching out for a Bible after hearing the team’s message, highlighting the profound impact of the evangelism efforts.

Greenhouse Construction: A Thriving Project for Sustainability

During Impact Ndola 2019, a greenhouse was set up, and at this year’s Impact Ndola program, another one was constructed as a cost-saving strategy for the school’s vegetable needs. Luther Mukanga, who was part of the greenhouse construction, expressed appreciation for giving back not only to the community but also to the school. He believed it would be of great value to the institution and the Northrise University community, showcasing how Impact Ndola’s projects benefit all.

The Indispensable Kitchen Team

Behind the scenes of Impact Ndola’s resounding success, there was a dedicated kitchen team working tirelessly to ensure that all the students who volunteered to serve, the friends of Northrise, and the attendees of the Women’s and Men’s conferences were nourished with healthy and delicious meals. Their selfless service fostered a sense of community and togetherness, leaving a lasting impression on all who participated and adding an extra layer of warmth and care to the overall experience.

Capturing Impact: The Role of the Media Team

In preserving the special moments and spreading the program’s impact beyond its physical boundaries, the media team had this covered, with cameras in hand and an eye for storytelling, this dedicated team captured the essence of every event, conference session, community outreach, and heartwarming interaction. Their tireless efforts ensured that the memories created during Impact Ndola would be cherished for years to come. Through their artful work, the media team extended the reach of Impact Ndola’s message, allowing it to inspire and touch the lives of countless others beyond the university’s grounds. Their commitment to accurately portray the essence of the program through images, videos, and narratives exemplified their passion for storytelling and their belief in the power of Impact Ndola to bring about meaningful change.

Impact Ndola Leaves a Lasting Impression

Impact Ndola’s triumphant return after the pandemic-induced interruption was marked by powerful and transformative experiences for both the team members and the communities they served. From the heartwarming Vocational Bible School sessions to empowering conferences and impactful community projects, the program left a lasting impression on all involved. As the worship concert marked the conclusion of Impact Ndola on July 14th, the reflections from team leads highlighted the profound impact and memories they would carry with them for a lifetime. This year’s program was a testament to the unwavering commitment of Northrise University and its partners to serve and uplift communities, leaving them stronger than ever before.



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