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Published: 15 July 2015

Our Media Team is having the privilege of spending time with each of the ministries during Impact Ndola and we want to share their experiences with you. Here is a story from Northrise students Kedwin & Natasha of their visit to Arising Life Ministries:

” Arising Life Ministries, situated in Mushili in the outskirts of Ndola, is a great upcoming school that offers education and care to the less privileged children. We found a lot of children at Arising Life who were very Day Three (1)welcoming. During our time there as the Media Team yesterday (Tuesday) and today (Wednesday) we experienced much fun and interacted with the children and the VBS Team. We found the children playing games with balls which included football and a bit of volleyball while the other children had time to play games that represented PRAYER and others had to play a number game. The children were having fun and feeling so grateful for the fun time and visit from the VBS Team and the Media Team. The children felt so happy and were enjoying being together, enjoying the fun, learning together and having lunch as a whole family. VBS Team took pictures of the children as they where having a good time and printed them so that the children can remember the good time spent with the visitors. The happy faces of the children showed that they were having fun and wished to continue having more fun.Day Three (2)

Arising Life wishes to upgrade and accommodate more children in the future so that they can put more smiles on the children’s faces and create good leaders and responsible citizens of our country Zambia. The Arising Life VBS Team showed love for the kids by supporting them with the drawings and the lessons in class and played around with them. They also helped and served them with foodstuffs.

The children were so welcoming as we approached them and were so willing to interact with our team. The Arising Life Staff were so grateful and pleased; they wished  there were more people in the world like the VBS Team with such a big heart for the kids. The staff were so cooperative in helping the Media team with our surveys and interviews. The team is also writing impact student profiles and views from the community, and offering their knowledge to the children and the staff. The most entertaining and fun activity that was really shocking and fun to see was one of the VBS team members playing with the children with a skipping rope with one child holding one end and another holding the other end with about 2 – 3 meters apart. The VBS team member had to skip for a longer time than the kids, that action was awesome and lovely because she beat the others.Day Three (3)

It was a great time being there with the children and we had so much fun. It was a blessing because it’s not every time that you go out and will be welcomed as we were at Arising Life. The children were fun to be with and we learned how to have fun once again as children.” 



Kedwin Silole 3rd Year BIT (DBT)

Natasha Nachali 3rd Year BFA


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