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Published: 14 July 2011


Everyone is working tirelessly to get the job done during this year’s Ndola Impact 2011. The Build team is getting their hands dirty at the NU farms as well as Arthur Davison Children’s Hospital and the medical team is installing equipment at the NUCare clinic. The Pastors conference is overflowing with wisdom, the women at the women’s conference are having a blast and the media team is in everyone’s faces with asking endless questions and photos.  Members of the Vacation Bible School teams are sharing love with the children of Zambia. However, apart from the logistic team and security team, the unsung heroes that have worked hard to ensure everyone has had the energy to succeed in their tasks is the Kitchen staff.

With beautiful smiles and a continuous determination, the knives and spatulas have not stopped moving in the Northrise kitchen, lead by the wonderful work of Mrs Annie Morgan. Like the captain of her ship, Ann arrives in the kitchen by 6am and leaves only after the job is done. Like the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches they produce, the kitchen staff is a mix of cultures and flavors; all working to Impact Ndola through the taste buds. Having spent some time with them I realised that being in the kitchen not only calls for patience and discipline but also faith in your co-partners to get the job done. Peter Lungu, a fourth year student at Northrise has earned his title of ‘Cappuccino Warrior’ and may become a legend here at Northrise University. Many have appreciated the wonderful meals and work that the kitchen has provided and I congratulate them on playing their part to the great vision of our Heavenly Father.

Annie Morgan is the owner and head chef of Taste Buds restaurant in Costa Mesa, CA. This is her first trip to Zambia, serving both the Impact travelers and the students of Northrise.  During Impact, Annie daily cooked lunch and dinner for over 200 people using locally sourced food and supplies.  She operates a gourmet restaurant in Costa Mesa, CA.

By Chisha Mwansa. Northrise student and media team member


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