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Published: 20 December 2012

NU Impact

Northrise University is working hard to empower its students through education, impact the local community through outreach, and be a witness to the world through testimony of God’s provision. There are many opportunities for students and staff to reach out in ministry to local organizations. Northrise University tithes on its income by sharing God’s blessings with those around them. This small Christ-centered university located in one of the most impoverished countries on earth, is putting love for others into action, in testimony to God’s blessings and provision.

Global Impact

Why would a small university in Africa make an impact on individuals, churches, and communities half a world away? The answer is simple: Hope. The Northrise story offers hope to more than just the students, their families, and even the country of Zambia; it offers hope for those who want to see Gods love in action. From Australia to the United States, Northrise University has touched the hearts of thousands of people, bringing people together with one question in mind; “What can I do?”

Local Impact

Northrise University is quickly becoming a beacon of hope not only for the students, but for the surrounding community as well. Students walk proudly through the streets dressed in Northrise t-shirts, as strangers offer words of encouragement and thanks for the hope Northrise has brought to Ndola. In particular, Northrise has targeted several local organizations for its faculty and students to support and assist including those listed below.

Mapalo Morning Glow Academy

Emil Mukaka - Mapalo SchoolIn an impoverished area known as Chipulukusu meaning “worthless” just outside of Ndola, a Northrise diploma recipient, Emil Mukuka and his wife have taken on the responsibility to serve over 300 orphans. They developed a school and orphanage offering underprivileged children a quality education as well as a nutritious meal every day. As hope sprung up, the name of the area was changed to Mapalo meaning “blessing”. Northrise equips and supports Emil and his team with supplies, financial assistance and moral support. Mapalo could easily care for many more orphans but the desire is to do well with the population at hand, and grow when possible to minister to the ever growing number of orphans. The present hope for the children of Mapalo is for them to be a blessing to their community and eventually attend Northrise University.

Arthur Davison Children’s Hospital

Arthur Davison Children's HospitalImagine an entire country trying to meet all their child healthcare needs with only one understaffed, under funded children’s hospital. At the Arthur Davison Children’s Hospital, it is not uncommon for 10 children to share a room fit for one patient, with little or no medical supplies to go around. Families from all over Zambia travel to the Arthur Davison Hospital in search of hope for their child’s suffering only to discover the hope they need is often times unavailable.

Empowered with a vision of hope and a desire to share Gods love, students and faculty at Northrise worked together to offer assistance to the children’s hospital. Through providing medical supplies and life-saving drugs, Northrise University has offered new hope for a multitude of patients and families. Curable diseases like dysentery and malaria are finally being addressed as children are receiving the appropriate medications. Wheelchairs donated to Northrise from the Free Wheelchair Mission have been shipped to Zambia and given to the hospital for children who suffer from weakness or a multitude of paralyzing illnesses or weakness. Through volunteerism, Northrise hopes to be able to repaint a wing of the hospital during the Impact Ndola mission trip each year.

Arising Life Ministries

Arising Life MinistriesArising Life Ministries is a ministry for orphaned and vulnerable children. This center was opened on July 2nd, 2009 by Mrs. Joyce Chimbila, a Northrise University graduate. Mrs. Chimbila identified the need in her community of Mushili Township and decided to venture into this ministry to help children who are unable to attend regular school. The center helps children from first grade through grade seven. It then sponsors the children to further their education at high school level. Northrise University supports the center through logistics for school materials as well as funding for the on going building and sanitation projects through the friends of Northrise.

Ndola Vision

The Ndola Vision Ministry was born out of a great need identified by the friends of Northrise. Zambia is one of the poorest nations in the world. In Zambia, educational opportunities beyond secondary or high school are limited. Good health services, where available, are beyond the reach of those who need them the most. This situation is not made any better by the ravages of HIV/AIDS and other tropical diseases. The big picture for the Ndola Vision ministry is to have as many people as are touched by the Lord from all over the world, to come and minister to the community in Ndola through Northrise University and impact the city in a positive way.
The Mackenzie center is a neighborhood school that hosts many of the cities poorest children. Northrise shares school supplies, candy and love with these many children who have nothing.

MacKenzie Center

The Mackenzie center is a neighborhood school that hosts many of the cities poorest children. Northrise shares school supplies, candy and love with these many children who have nothing.


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