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Published: 14 July 2017

Impact Ndola 2017 has come to a close with a service of worship, testimony, and thanksgiving and a big family dinner.  Northrise University and friends have concluded five days of service to over 1,000 neighbors in their city of Ndola.  A small team of six did research for developing a future Northrise School of Agriculture.  25 medical professionals and students provided checkups and dental work for community members, staff members, and children at the VBS schools. Children at three schools, Mapalo, Arising Life Ministries, and MacKenzie, experienced the love of 71 volunteers each day.  The Women’s Conference team of 39 volunteers worshipped with, taught, and engaged with about 200 women each day. Similarly, the Men’s Conference team of 35 prayed, worshipped, taught and discussed discipleship with about 150 pastors. And the Media Team of 10 watched it all unfold capturing it in the articles posted here this week, the Facebook posts, and pictures.


Then there are the unsung heros, 40 men and women on the support teams. Those who made 200 sack lunches and served meals to 200 women each day. The security officers who watched out for us. The technical support team who made sure the communications were being heard. The finance team who kept all of the resources flowing. The maintenance team who kept floors beautifully clean despite the massive traffic by hundreds of people in and out of the Campus Center all day, who kept the essential facilities working, and who made us all comfortable with their careful tending to the campus. And of course the 6 bus drivers led by Mr. Martin Muleya who coordinated our travels around the city each day.


Such an amazing team being available to what God wanted to do through them to bless the city of Ndola. And yet God blessed each one of us so abundantly. To God be the glory.


“Making a change in the community just for a few days makes it worth getting up earlier than usual. The impact in the community members has long standing effects.  You get to share the word of God with the children in VBS centers in a way that is fun but meaningful. ” Mrs. Kalelwa Chitete, Northrise University alumni.


“It’s been fun, I’ve learned a lot from the Women’s Conference. I enjoyed meeting new people, blending culture. It was good.”  Malama Ngosa, 1st year Northrise University student.


“Being my first time, it is a great experience that has given me a chance to meet different people. I like my work, it has been great to serve” Victor Mwale, Northrise University employee.


“It has been a good experience, an awesome time to serve especially filling people’s bellies. I like to cook.” Ephraim Chileya, 3rd year Northrise University student.


“It has been a great experience, great to see a lot of first time visitors, happy to serve everyone.” Wezi Hamoonga, Northrise University employee.


“It has been great to serve, we thank God that things went well.” Sebastien Mwape, Northrise University Chief Chef.


“I have had the opportunity to learn from the Women’s Conference and I had an opportunity to serve with the technical team.” Joechbed Mukanda, 3rd year Northrise University student.


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