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Published: 9 November 2010


I don’t mean to brag but Northrise University is Zambia’s most innovative university. A trendsetter always leads the way while others follow! Catch up if you can guys!

What innovation?

Well three weeks ago our school carried out massive tutorial for all students to learn to use the Virtual Learning System (VLS). This system was first introduced at Northrise earlier this year for the Center for Professional Studies (CPS) online students. It was designed for working professionals who wish to study but cannot do it the traditional way. The system has now been extended to all programs, enabling students to take their quizzes in real time – ‘saving up on ink and paper’, if you ask me.  However, for Northrise University it is to enable fast grade analysis, evaluation, tracking and time saving.

The BBA and BIT students took their first quiz using the Virtual Learning system, and it turned out to be an interesting experience. The system is time saving. Almost all students are happy with this system because they no longer have to wait for a week to be graded. Gertrude a BBA student says that she feels very motivated to work harder because she has seen that Northrise is committed to improving the already enjoyable learning experience for students.

Well, we all are just as exited; it’s a beautiful term with beautiful changes indeed and Northrise is making it all happen!

by Kalelwa Chilombo


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