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Published: 17 December 2014

2014 has been a year that’s featured plenty of shocking headlines involving Africa.  From the Ebola epidemic to the brutal kidnapping of 276 girls in Nigeria, Africa has been in the media’s eye.  Likewise, as ISIS gains more of a presence in Northern Africa, radical Islam has become an ever-growing concern.  Thankfully, Zambia has not seen these extreme demonstrations of Islamic faith… yet.  However, the spiritual atmosphere in Zambia is definitely changing.  Mosques are moving in to both Muslim and Christian communities.  Muslims are building primary and secondary schools, as well as offering free education to rural families.  There is a noticeable presence where once there was none.

Northrise’s response to this increasing Islamic presence is simple: win the minds of students.  The student body is comprised of people of different faith backgrounds, including Muslim, Christian, and some with no religious affiliation.  Since Northrise has always been a Christ-centered university, its teaching on all subjects come from a Biblical Christian worldview.  We’re instructed in Romans 12:2: “Do not conform to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is- his good, pleasing and perfect will.”  We see this renewing power through the testimony of Northrise students:

“I appreciate that [Northrise] does not only empower students to acquire Diplomas and/ or Degrees but it does give moral guidance. I have not only become an educated person but a more responsible citizen.” – Stephen Banda 

“Northrise University is unique, it prepares you spiritually, academically and socially so that you are able to face the challenges of life and be able to contribute to the development of the Nation. In short Northrise makes you relevant.” – Christopher Chileshe

The faculty and staff of Northrise will continue to proclaim the Gospel in word and deed, because as minds are renewed and hearts are discipled we will continue to see the change of a nation.


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