It is pointless to live a life without purpose

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Published: 4 March 2021

This week’s chapel reading came from Ephesians 1:1-7. Great words were shared by Pastor Shamuteya. His preaching focused on predestination as he referred to Romans 8:28-30. I resonated with his words when he emphasized that our predestination is being God’s chosen and to have an inheritance with Christ Jesus.
Pastor Shamuteya emphasized that Christ came on earth to redeem us so that we may follow God. He alluded that following God means we become his chosen ones and that it also means we get to have an inheritance with Christ. This means that we are given purpose by God. Following God means that we have to strive to be in good light with him by living by his word. God’s word teaches many things therefore, following his word and its principles helps us to grow in his likeness. As believers, this means we are on the right track.
Pastor Shamuteya also talked about what it means to be a saint. He described a saint as, “someone who is consecrated in the eyes of God and faithful in Christ Jesus”. Hearing these words reminds us to follow Christ Jesus for He is the way, the truth, and the life, and only through Him can we approach the throne of God.
As believers in Christ Jesus, we need to understand that God predestined us to be his children, and thus have a purpose that stems from Him. For that to happen we will need redemption so that we can become consecrated in the eyes of God. It truly is a blessing to be a child of God.

By Geraldine Phiri, Mwamba Mulenga and Annie Banda


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