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Published: 4 July 2011





Impact 2011 started off with a look at the exciting developments just finished on the Northrise farm, the dedication of Northrise’s NUCare center and Kuhula Center. Both buildings were covered in prayer and celebrated with ribbon-cutting ceremonies with Moffat and members of the board.

NUCare is Northrise’s latest completed building that will soon host a fully functional medical facility with a newly hired full-time nurse, Mary. The facility was dedicated by Moffat and board-member, Dr. Michele Fullmer. After years of planning, Northrise is excited to finally get the clinic in order and underway this week. The clinic is comprised of two equipped exam rooms, an ultrasound room, laboratory, waiting room, a nurses’ station and fully functioning dental office. The building will offer hope to the students of Northrise who often face days and weeks of missing school due to illness that could be easily treated with the proper medical care. It will also help prevent sickness from spreading through the campus and screening of students before they enter the dormitories. Communities, orphanages and schools around the city that Northrise supports will also benefit from the medical staff at Northrise.

The Kuhula House, has been in operation for the last year offering the students a brand new facility to take classes in on Wednesdays.  With many classrooms with brand new desks and chairs and a larger lecture hall, the Kuhula house will soon be able to host all of the business classes for the future. The first of many classroom buildings to be developed for Northrise, the Kuhula house is a sign of good things to come for the University. Workers sang and danced outside in celebration of the grand opening of this building, knowing that this facility would pave the way for the continued growth of Northrise.

The day was a great day of celebration, showing how far the University has come in the last few years, but the night ended with a feeling of excitement over what will come this week. Volunteers are geared up and ready to continue moving Northrise forward and reach the community of Ndola! Stay tuned…


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