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Published: 26 April 2010



The Northrise University School of Business building (now fondly known as Kuhula House) is racing to the finish line and already looking crisp!  The building is a masterwork.  Kuhula House will have over 50 computers that will be networked. It will also house about 6 Local Area Network (LAN) enabled projectors. There will also be WIFI hot spots in most parts of the building for network connectivity and controlled Internet access.  Kuhula House is no doubt going to be the center of Northrise University’s continued “growth” (Kuhula), as the name translates in one of Zambia’s main dialects.

The past week saw the initiation of the laying of network cables. Over 1.5km of network cable was laid on Kuhula House. The cables have been ran underneath the concrete floor and are only visible at the end points. These will soon be wall jacks and wireless access points. A computer laden container is on its way to Zambia to further add quality to Kuhula House. To God be the glory!

by Isaac Banda


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