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Published: 9 February 2010


Northrise University is pleased to call its first academic building “Kuhula House.” Prior to its naming, this building was commonly referred to as “the Northrise Business Building”. The naming process started by first deciding that it will have a Zambian name. Several English words were proposed that included Treasure, Knowledge, Care, Growth and Unity, Freedom, Net, Peace and Turning Point. The task for members of staff was to find the equivalent vernacular name for any of these words. After the vernacular equivalents were proposed, each member of staff voted for three most preferred names and “Kuhula” emerged the winning word.

Kuhula is a Lozi dialect for growth, increase, development, expansion and anything close to these meaning. As the Business Building is the very first academic structure on the main campus, Northrise is looking forward to the growth of the rest of the buildings as well as the growth of the students who will go through this building; that they will grow in the knowledge of God, increase in their knowledge, develop in their character and make a lasting positive impact wherever the Lord will call them.


In the past weeks, Kuhula House has made tremendous  progress towards it completion. The inside of the building has been wired and plastered. Presently, tiles are being laid, walls are being painted, and the ceiling is being fitted. All the windows have been fitted.  We can’t wait to see the outside plastered and painted in the next few weeks.

Kuhula is just the beginning; we look forward to what is yet to come…

by Agness Nshindano


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