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Published: 31 March 2022

Life after university is often an exciting stage in the lives of many graduates who join the alumni community of their university. After years of hard work, walking down the graduation carpet signifies the breaking of at least one academic barrier and the opening up of endless professional and academic possibilities. For all the excitement that it brings, graduation also leaves many graduates at crossroads, questioning what their next steps in life should be. A daunting experience filled with mixed emotions, graduates are faced with tough decisions to make, but the burden is eased with those fortunate enough to have an active alumnus body to guide them.

Jacob Banda is a recent addition to the Northrise University Alumni, graduating in June 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting.  He recalls life during university as being transformative, exciting and holistically empowering with what he calls his “glory days” seeing him participate in an array of activities within the university, eventually rising to serve in one of the highest student leadership positions as a spiritual affairs coordinator. And in spite of being a part of the virtue graduation ceremony, owing to Covid-19 restrictions, Jacob and his fellow graduates had an undamped mood as they excitedly celebrated this life time milestone together.

Jacob had the following to say concerning life after university. “Life After university has been humbling and at the same time sobering experience. I was privileged to have an internship that later formalized into employment through the help of Northrise University and am currently working with Voyagers in the Account Department as an Accounts Receivable Assistant. The different leadership responsibilities I had in school have given me an edge in the workplace, being able to work with little to no supervision and carry out administrative tasks with a certain level of ease.”

As an active member of the Northrise community during his time as a student, it can be seen that Jacob has carried the same zeal and determination to grow his social, spiritual, academic and professional life even in his endeavours after school. His unwavering passion to continue to spread the good news of the gospel steadily leads him to the next phases of his life and we can only wish him the best as his journey continues to unfold.


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