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Published: 15 December 2022

Northrise Alumni continue to make a mark on society. Madalitso Kalombe’s alumni success story highlights one of the many remarkable graduates who are part of Northrise University’s legacy. 

Mr. Kalombe graduated from Northrise University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Theology in Biblical Studies. As the current head of the Wiphan Care Ministries’ operations in Zambia, he says his degree from Northrise University prepared him well for this position.

According to Mr. Kalombe, “I appreciate the journey that I underwent at Northrise while studying theology, and it has had a major positive impact on my work. 

Although I work for a Christian organization, discipleship is central to everything we do in life. Northrise’s  theological degree gave me a sound base of scriptural knowledge that is important to me as a leader, to those I serve, and to my family and friends.”

Mr. Kalombe Employer Prefers to Hire Northrise Graduates 

“As an employer, I prefer to hire graduates of Northrise University because we generally think along the same lines in terms of focusing on service and transforming our communities based on the studies and the seminars that we took there.

Each program helps students understand how to positively change the landscape of Zambia for the better, both socially and economically. I am very confident that when I work with a Northrise University Graduate, ‘we are ‘singing from the same hymn sheet.’”

Northrise Education Changed and Cemented Mr. Kalombe’s Worldview

“My education at Northrise significantly enhanced and cemented my worldview which is centered on community transformation and service. I can recall specific courses including the Theology of Leadership Course which was a game changer for me. It gave me insight into what God was calling me to do as a leader while also helping me to realize how He had prepared me since childhood to overcome and succeed with the various circumstances I encountered.”

If Mr. Kalombe Were to Repeat His Decision to Attend Northrise, He Would Choose it Again

“If I were to rewind time, I would still choose to study theology at Northrise University. I believe in the Vision and Mission of Northrise University, and I am also very inspired by its founding members. 

The practicality of being able to start something that brings about positive change in communities and focuses on giving opportunities to people who would otherwise be underserved drew me in. 

Northrise studies are rigorous, and it is important to learn how to deal with a lot of pressure while also ensuring that you merit the qualifications that you achieve. I value the education that I’ve had at Northrise.”

What Advice Do You Offer Students Who Wish to Attend Northrise University to Study Theology?

“The Theology Program at Northrise is not like the education that you receive in some seminaries, which are affiliated with one church body. Students are introduced to a theological approach that is relevant, and one that will help them to engage with people and issues within ministry and outside of it. 

It will give you the tools you need to truly understand how to engage with Christians and non-Christians alike – you will learn how to be the hands and feet of Christ. I highly recommend attending Christ-Centered Northrise.”



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