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Published: 13 July 2017


Mushili township where Arising Life Ministries (ALMs) operates, is located  in the southern part of Ndola. A city on the Copperbelt province of Zambia.  ALMs is just one of the centers that got volunteers from Northrise University Initiative working with the children in impact 2017. ALMs primarily serves vulnerable children in the Mushili community, a community that faces various challenges.

According to one of the caregivers at ALMs, Mr. Ronnie Chikwanda Chimbila, the biggest challenges relate to the abuse of illicit substances especially alcohol by the community members which is directly linked to the high rates of unemployment in the community.

HIV is another problem the community faces as noted by Mr Chimbila. Because of HIV, majority of the children ALMS reaches out to, is either growing up in single parent homes or double orphaned and being raised by grandparents. This problem is compounded by the guardians having limited economic means. Erratic water supply and inadequate sanitation services in the area, are also affecting community members negatively.  

Chisompola Champalama, a Northrise University student,  who was once  a pupil at a primary school in the area, and volunteered at an NGO within the area, noted unplanned pregnancies, fathers not taking responsibility for their families and general disintegration of the family unit as challenges  the community faces. He also cited the mindset of community members toward keeping their surroundings clean.  

It appears that the biggest challenge in this community is the absence of men performing their roles as fathers, and leaders as God intended.

 “Men need to be men. They need to reject passivity, accept responsibility, lead courageously; expecting mighty things from God“.   Brandon Amesson, friend of Northrise.

ALMs has helped the children in the community by offering them an education with a free nutritious meal every day. Since the school only caters for primary education, children who qualify to secondary school are sponsored through to their 12th grade at government schools by ALMs.

At the start of the ALMs project, the community members were apprehensive but after seeing the effects the program is having on some children, they became more comfortable and cooperative with the program. As a result of the contribution ALMs has made in the community, Mushili Township residents have taken to looking at education in a positive light. 

In addition, the borehole at ALMs is helping the surrounding community have access to clean water, thus alleviating the problems that erratic water supply present to the surrounding neighborhood.

Written By Chazyamaka Sinkamba


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