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Published: 17 July 2017

Impact Ndola usually hosts a men’s conference. In 2017; the theme was “Maturing in our walk with Christ”. On the second day of the conference, men walked and drove in from different sectors of life, excited and looking forward to learning. About 150 men in total were in attendance from over 100 churches. Current theology students and graduates of Northrise University attended the conference as well.

As they lined up and entered the meeting hall, men sang praises and worshiped, when the moderator took the floor he encouraged the men present, to stand and worship along. The men worshiped in a manner that defies the cultural norm that man should not be emotional.

The moderator Pastor Chilekwa Mulenga, chairman of the local pastor’s fellowship, began his welcoming address with a call to repentance and prayer on behalf of the nation. Calling especially for the gathered men to pray for men in authority, and unity of the nation. As he led in prayer, he added that pastors were well placed to speak peace into the lives of the people in their congregation. Prayer was mentioned as the mark of a true man of God.

Pastor Wayne spoke to the men with reference to Colossians 1:28 and Ephesians 4:12 as the theme texts on the day. He emphasized the attributes of a disciple making pastor and the foundational characteristics of a disciple, which are being “faithful”, “available” and “teachable” (FAT). The men spoken to afterwards were full of energy and enthusiasm.

“It is very exciting to learn about the deep things of God, not growing physical churches but growing spiritually”-Pastor Christopher Mubanga. Meaning not just growing in number as a church, but spiritually.

Commenting on the proceedings, Pastor Scott Savage said:

“The men have been hungry to learn, passionate in their engagement, and faithful in their application. Many have already shared stories of steps they are taking because of what they have seen and heard. Our six group facilitators have done an incredible job of creating opportunities for dialogue, mutual encouragement and prayer among the men. We are grateful to be used to equip and empower these men to their God-given calling to equip their body to be disciples and disciple-makers.”

It is hoped that the men can take what they learnt to heart and teach others also, so that the city and the nation of Zambia can be changed by the word of God.


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