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Published: 26 April 2009


Thirteen Northrise University students and staff members stared at a white board and pressed open the small black notebooks just handed to them. Take notes, team. This is going to be a brilliant adventure.

That’s our hope. We are five media pros armed with Nikons, a newly designed blog, and a bit of passion. We are here to push open the window so the amazing faces drilling us with questions can give a shout out to a curious world. Our goal here is to get this group online. Jumpstart the sharing of their stories. Blogging weekly. “Blog” maybe a new concept for some of them, and a new beginning into a cyberworld that doesn’t know they exist. So, here we are. University board member Danny Ortega recruited this traveling group from Washington, California and Arizona. Justin Clark is our creative link, he leads our online mission. Chairman of the Board David Cheatham and Tony Elliott unload their Nikon knowledge to push the classroom beyond the basic point and shoot. Sabra Gertsch is the reporter onboard sharing storytelling techniques. Danny is the guy with the HD video camera framing up the shots and recording the voice of each student because their stories are about to be heard.

Four days in the classroom and we are the ones getting an education. Kanyanta, Duke, Agness, Maambo, Banji, Kambole, Isaac, Andrew, the Godfreys, Enock, Mwanga, Mukupa…you have amazing perspective and determination. It is our privilege to be visiting contributors to your creative development.

Graduation. Banana trees. Chickens. Mackenzie. Arthur Davison. Imagination. Creativity. Hope. Zambia. Northrise.

Audience, we hope you will stay tuned…



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