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Published: 23 July 2009



It has been a while since we first sat around the boardroom table as the newly recruited Media Team. We were trying to digest the terminologies that the Northrise University Initiative (NUI) team from the United States was presenting to us.
It was “aperture this… shutter speed that…” : /

For most of us without a photocopying technique in the back of our heads, it seemed a lot to take in in less than a week.
The day the team left, we remained wondering whether we could really pull it off. To top it off, the media team has received criticism on its purpose from some students. Their biggest concern being whether the group will last or not, and if the purpose will truly be achieved. A principal stumbling block is having to juggle school work with the pressure of writing stories for the blog. In the end, this would usually cause us to procrastinate our work.

However, besides the challenges, the Media Team is growing strong and continues to show some serious potential with so many stories being updated on the NUI blog weekly. The whole NUI blog experience kind of gives us the feeling of being in a movie about young journalists battling it out to have their stories on the front page. NUI has definitely helped us to improve our writing skills and vocabulary. It has also opened our eyes to seeing a story behind everything no matter how small it may be. Not forgetting the thrilling experience of working with the gadgets and other devices for photography and videos – thanks to the U.S. NUI Media Team and Kelby Training.

This is only the beginning. And it is evident that the Media Team and NUI will achieve a lot more success… the best is truly yet to come!!!

by Kambole and Choongo


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