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Published: 5 May 2020

Interview wih Melindah Nyantambu

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My Special-DEL transition experience: Melindah Nyantambu

Melindah is a third-year Business Administration student with a passion for both Business and Agriculture. She has had an interest in Business since high school and has plans of starting her own Agricultural business. She continues to pursue her dreams with the belief that Agriculture is an area that will help in the economic empowerment of the people of Zambia.

With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Zambian government closed all schools, colleges, and universities until further notice. Following a directive from the Zambian government, Northrise University planned to and transitioned all Students from other study modes – DAY, CPS, and DEL – to Special-DEL study mode which allows a Northrise student to learn 100% Online from their homes. The Northrise Communications team got a chance to hear from Melindah about the transition to Special-Del and her current learning experience. Read their interview with Melindah.

How has your transition from DAY to Special-DEL been?

It has been a challenge; it’s very easy to fail a course because it makes you think you’re on holiday. I am glad I have remained committed to my studies but it took a lot of effort and psychological adjustment.

In the first week, I would feel so overwhelmed with assignments to the point of giving up, gladly GOD is faithful: because each day that passes now I see an opportunity to achieve my academic goals and remain focused.

Do you miss anything on Campus as a DAY Student?

I miss a lot of things about being on campus especially interacting with my friends on a daily basis. I am an introvert and that comes with its own limitations; socializing and making friends are some of them. However, Northrise provides a socializing platform that positively impacts and shapes one’s character, bringing out hidden potential.

While on campus I would take part in different activities like the Social Enterprise Project or Service Learning.

I also miss the clarity I would get on classwork through learning teams. Special-DEL has isolated me, making collaborating with others difficult; working alone is not easy.

How did you feel when you heard that you would be transitioning to DEL, and is that different now?

I was very worried and concerned about the whole thing. When we started it was hard to adjust to weekly assessments; discussion questions in particular. I found myself spending more time researching assignments than catching up with course objectives. Thanks to Northrise, live online classes were introduced. With live online classes, I am now able to meet my weekly objectives. Therefore, I am no longer worried but grateful that I am on my way to completing the semester.

With where you are today, would you say transitioning to DEL has affected you and your family negatively or positively?

I think this transition has had a positive impact on me. It has enhanced my time management and planning skills. I no longer spend time at home doing unnecessary things. Instead, I see every dying second as valuable and essential for me to work on my assignments to achieve my academic goals. I cannot afford to lag.

This transition has had an equally positive effect on my family. I am glad to once again be an essential family member who is diligently carrying out a fair share of responsibilities at home thereby relieving other family members. I am also glad that my parents don’t have to worry about my daily transport needs, they can channel those funds to other needs.

Apart from Academics, how are you spending your time during the current lockdown/quarantine?

Aside from doing my assignments and everything else related to my academics, I’ve been spending my time at the farm. Being in the harvest period, we have had so many farm-related activities and that’s what has kept me busy most of the time. But, during my spare time, I read a book or any other interesting articles.


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