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Published: 17 June 2022

In 2009, when some friends of Northrise University organized a Bible seminar for children in the community, they had no idea that it would be the foundation of the execution of a great woman’s life-long dream.

Joyce Chimbila enrolled at Northrise University in 2006 as a mature student. She graduated with an Advanced Certificate in Christian Ministries and later on pursued a degree in Theology. Just before her second graduation, she was one of the people instructed by Dr. Zimba to arrange for a Bible School seminar for 55 children in Mushili, Ndola. It was there where she noticed what she described as ‘gaps’ in the lives of the children from Mushili; about 35 of the mobilized kids had no school experience despite being old enough to be in advanced grades. That realization compelled Mrs. Chimbila to found Arising Life Ministries, together with Mrs. Kachaka and other volunteers.

The ministry had a free-education policy that also encompassed feeding during school hours. However, the aspect of ‘free’ education did not settle well with the parents of Mushili, thus, compelling them to stop their children from attending school. They couldn’t bring themselves to understand just how someone would decide to host and feed kids at a school for free. But the negative feedback did not stop Mrs. Chimbila! She mobilized the kids who were part of the Bible seminar, including some other children from the community.

Now, the ministry has about 150 children, 40 of those being at different secondary schools. Sponsored by Hartwell Church of Christ, the ministry purchased 4 hectares of land where they built houses and used part of it as farmland. Currently, a four-classroom block is being built on the land.

When asked about the challenges she faced, she shared, “At the start, the most prominent issue was on the financial end. At inception, we only had k600. But thank God for Dr. Zimba, who was integral to our mission by not only adding his own monetary input but also introducing the ministry to Dr. Blaire, a former Northrise University lecturer, who fell in love with the ministry and has been helpful ever since.” She also mentioned how Mapande Mapande, Northrise alumni, has been supporting them every single month since he graduated.

Mrs. Chimbila also mentioned that her journey was only possible because she had people who inspired her to serve. “I’ve always looked up to Dr. Zimba, and other genuine and real servants of God like Mrs. Zimba, Dr. Blaire, Jane Pallot, Mrs. Kachaka, and an endless list after that.” Above all, she attributed her journey to the Grace of God.

In her concluding notes, she mentioned how Northrise has changed over the years. “The current main campus was not the Northrise I schooled at. And obviously, this transition has been a great milestone. In fact, when the land was bought, I was part of the team that prayed for it. We came and dedicated the entire plot to the Lord. And our prayers are obviously being answered every day if you just look around you.”

For her last remarks, she preached, “Move with passion. Be selfless and invest your life into another life. Investing in another life is the best way to live. We are because you are.”

So much positivity has sprung from Arising Life Ministries, and the future looks so bright!


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