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Published: 15 April 2011

An interview with Matildah Mutale, a first year student at Northrise University who has just completed her first term today; Friday, April 14, 2011. This is Matilda’s first ever experience of university life.

Q: How was the very first term at Northrise?
A: Well, it was quite an experience. Challenging at first but I tried to adapt to the situation.
Q: How did you find the mid-term exams?
A: OMG, those exams where something else, not close to what I expected.
Q: So after midterm, did you change your study strategy?
A: Definitely, instead of taking my courses lightly, I saw the need to up the game, and to concentrate on the objectives. I also started understanding the course material a little more.
Q: Any exam that you enjoyed writing?
A: Sure (with a smile) Computer Literacy Basics; just loved it.
Q: So, what are you looking forward to most this coming term?
A: Perhaps becoming an A student since I have learnt my lessons.
Q: So, are you happy that you are going on break?
A: Who wouldn’t be, it’s quite a relief from all the pressure and stress of studying.
Q: And how would you describe your social life at Northrise?
A: People here are friendly so you will get your social life going, like it or not.
Q: Do you like Northrise University?
A: Very much, especially the atmosphere and lectures.


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