Ndola Impact 2011: Life Changing Experience

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Published: 28 September 2012

By Swazi Kabobo

As a first year student I remember being very skeptical to attend service learning because I had no idea how and why I was going through this program especially that I didn’t know what to expect. However, in 2011 during Ndola Impact, I participated in service learning where I taught third, second and first grade pupils at Arising Life Ministries a school for orphans and under privileged kids. I realized how happy to learn the kids were and that in turn warmed my heart. Seeing there smiles was a reminder of God’s love and mercy. Despite their suffering they could still afford to smile and laugh. After Ndola Impact program was over, I decided to participate in teaching the kids at my church during Sunday school, and what a joy it is to speak in their lives.

Impact Ndola

Service learning is a program that allows each student at Northrise University to share 40 hours of their time towards community service. These 40 hours are more helpful to the student, because it allows them to see the other side of life and the many sufferings people go through. Northrise University is the only University in Zambia which empowers the students to help the community and through such service students are able to discover new talents. It’s life changing…


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