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Published: 13 February 2018

2018 has brought an amazing addition to the Northrise Family, 115 new students from different parts of Zambia. They were all baptized into the NU life through a week’s experience of orientation filled with theoretical and practical academic, spiritual and social orientation. The new group of freshman went through the usual Northrise orientation which ended with an exciting faculty break out event that was filled with lots of fun games and an amazing Chapel session with Dr Zimba.
The new freshman had a Chapel session with the University President Dr Zimba who encouraged them to uphold the love of Christ during and after their Northrise Journey. He spoke to them about seven things that every follower of Christ ought to do stating, “Love God. Love God in all you do, in your studies and in your friendships.” He explained that loving God should be the number one thing in everyone’s life. Secondly, he stated, “Love others. Love each other, care for each other, and serve others. Do not be self-occupied and self-absorbed. The word of God clearly states; Love your neighbor as yourself.” He further explained to the new freshman students that they need to learn to complement each other’s skills and not to compete against each other. This reminded me of a part of Mrs Zimba’s closing remarks during her orientation session where she stated, “Look around you, these are your friends, these are the people you will find yourself partnering with when you start your businesses in future. Be good to each other.” This was quite encouraging.
Dr Zimba further encouraged the freshman students to be saturated in God’s word, which was his third point. He later summarized points four to seven saying, “Fourth, be done with self-reliance, and rely on God. Fifth, belong to a church. Sixth, be guarded from the world and seventh, test everything.” He later closed with a prayer and chapel came to an end.
As our new freshman begin their Northrise Journey, we wish them all the best on their new journey.


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