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Published: 11 June 2012

Friend of Northrise, Alex Plumb, spent the entire month of August 2010 volunteering in Zambia, working on the Northrise Farm. On June 23rd he and a group of friends making up the Northrise Bike Team will be riding from Los Angeles to San Diego in order to raise money to support the staff, students, and workers of Northrise.

“I volunteered for Northrise University in Ndola, Zambia in August of 2010. There I was able to work with the local elementary schools, teach classes to the students at Northrise University, and work on the farm harvesting bananas and selling them to the local markets. On the farm, I realized that the farmers I was working along with had to walk three hours each way to work because they could not afford a car, a taxi fare, or even a bike. It is hard to imagine walking for miles just to get to work, leaving and coming home in the dark. I told Moffat I wanted to help the university out by buying bicycles for their students, faculty, and workers. I thought the greatest way to raise money for this cause was to have a bike trip with friends and family from Los Angeles to San Diego. The Northrise Bike Team will be riding on June 23rd 2012. Click here to learn more about the ride and to support the team! –Alexander Plumb”



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