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Published: 2 September 2009



Northrise University intends to begin another program by next year. The name of this program is Finance for Bachelor in Business Administration Studies. To achieve this Northrise invited the CEO and board secretary of Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA), Mr Hapenga Kabeta and the Kitwe (a town on the Copperbelt province of Zambia) Regional manager of ZICA, Ms. Jessica Chisompola, to share their ideas.

ZICA is an authorized professional body that represents all certified accountants in Zambia. It provides accountability and reliability in the quality and service of the accounting profession. It is crucial for a body such as this to work with tertiary education providers like Northrise. Both Northrise and ZICA believe Finance and academics play a pivotal role in the development of the nation, private and public sectors, as well as the individual. It is in this respect that ZICA believes cooperation with training institutions, such as Northrise University, will not only benefit the organizations but also Zambia at large.

“Northrise University wants to work with professional bodies in Zambia,” Mr. Laston Hamoonga, the Northrise University business manager said. He also said that as Northrise develops the program, input and approval are needed so that the program is made relevant to the people of Zambia.

This meeting also gave the visiting professional body an opportunity to see and learn about Northrise firsthand. Mr. Hamoonga, Dr. Mutesa (Northrise Academic Dean) and Mr. Lusuntha Ngulube (Northrise Head of the school of Business) who represented Northrise at the meeting that was held at Northrise University used this forum to tell ZICA what Northrise offers. Mr Kabeta and Ms. Chisompola also took time to visit the future Northrise campus site and the farm. They were happy to see how much work is being done regarding the infrastructure and facilities.

by Banji


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