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Published: 29 January 2019

Julius Mwale, Joel Mikobe, Luther Mukanga and Kanema Kaumba are currently enrolled at Dordt College in the fields of Engineering and Agriculture. They did their first and second year of study at Northrise University and transferred to Dordt College. Having left for Dordt College in August 2017, they visited Zambia on their semester break.

We met up with them to listen to the story of their experience thus far and all four showed great enthusiasm and excitement. Joel shared his experience and notable similarity in the learning he has experienced at Dordt in relation to that at Northrise saying,

  “Northrise University provided an environment where you not only get your degree but you develop character, Dordt is a Christian College with the exact same agenda. Northrise laid a foundation that made settling into the Dordt environment easy and I appreciate that about Northrise.”

They all outlined a few difficulties in trying to balance their work load, but said it was a work in progress.

Extra-Curricular Activities and Social Life

Luther loves track and field and as such, participates frequently at the Dordt Track and Field Sports. Joel temporarily joined the sport of Badminton for a while and Julius joined the weight lifting social club. They have made friends in the past year and have settled in well. This is what Kanema had to say,

“My experience at Dordt has been great. I have met different people there from different backgrounds and it’s been amazing. It’s a whole new experience out there. Adapting to the weather has been hard but, with time we have all gotten used to it and it’s been good so far.”

They have had the chance to visit a few states and when asked which state the enjoyed visiting the most, they all gladly said “Houston!”


Luther and Kanema were happy to talk about how exciting it was to work for an engineering firm in Houston during their semester break. They said it had been the highlight of their stay thus far and they look forward to interning this year 2019 as well. Julius interned at the Dordt farms and said he learnt a lot there.

All four of the students are very happy and still motivated to continue working hard. They stated that Dordt College has provided them with a conducive and friendly learning environment that has helped them easily adapt and make friends. They appreciated the opportunity to come back home for a short period to visit their families. We had a chat with their families and one of the parents had this to say,

“It truly is an immeasurable blessing to have your child experience what our child is experiencing. Thanks to Northrise and Dordt, we are grateful for this opportunity given to our son.”


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