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Published: 5 January 2012

This past semester, Chibozu Maambo was the first Northrise University student to participate in a semester abroad program, studying at Dordt College in the USA.  While in the US, Chibozu had the opportunity to visit Southern California, and the offices of Northrise University Initiative.  Upon returning home to Zambia, she was able to reflect on the friends she met while in California.  Read her story below:

Friends of Northrise University

By Chibozu Maambo

“During my time at Dordt, I had the chance of meeting some of the wonderful friends of Northrise University. On the 5th of November 2011, I flew to California, Orange County. When I arrived at the airport, Kathy Pipkin was there to meet me. I was hosted by Kathy’s family and later on the Lawlers.

California is a beautiful place with a wonderful weather pattern, not forgetting the palm trees. While in California, I shared on how Northrise University has impacted my life at the men’s conference and the women’s luncheon. The next few days flew by really fast as I continued sharing the Northrise Story with more people. It was truly a blessing to meet some of the friends of Northrise in person. It’s amazing to see how much time these wonderful people sacrifice for the sake of Northrise University. I was deeply touched at their dedication and also how much love they have for Northrise University.

My time in California ended on a Disney Land note. Mr Bowie said to me, ‘you cannot say you have been to America without seeing Disney’. He was right. I felt like I was 3 again as I gazed at all the amusement facilities Disney had to offer such as thrilling rides and roller coasters with my favourite being space mountain. I am thankful to God and to Northrise University for having availed me the opportunity to travel abroad as an exchange student.”

Chibozu in California


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