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Published: 29 June 2010



Harvesting bananas is a worth-while exercise being undertaken at Northrise Farms. This marks the third harvest since the banana plantation was first planted in late Junuary 2008. The plantation sits on four acres of Northrise farms land. The harvest began in late April of this year. It has been an on-going exercise during the months of May and June. A sizable amount of fresh Northrise banana produce is currently available on the local market.

On 18th June 2010, 1200 birds (chickens) were delivered to Northrise farms. Northrise Farms has begun the process of rearing the birds for meat for the duration of six weeks. This is a delicate process which Northrise farms is gaining experience in. This is the third time chickens are being reared for meat at Northrise farms. From a humble beginning, the activities at Northrise farms are slowly taking shape laying the foundation for the Faculty of Sustainable Agriculture Philosophy.

It is the vision of Northrise University that Northrise Farms continues to contribute to the economic empowerment of the community of Ndola and Zambia at large. This is in line with the nation’s policy of diversifying the economy into agriculture to lessen the dependency on copper, a diminishing natural resource.

by Duke Muchindu


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