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Our wholly-owned, 400-acre, sustainable Northrise Farms was established in 2006 and is located on our main campus in Ndola. The fertile land itself, nurtured by clean, abundant water and an excellent growing climate, is its largest investment, which God has blessed us with at no cost. Northrise Farms produces chicken, beef, vegetables, and bananas, which feed our students, staff, and faculty. Additionally, we have established lucrative contracts with local and regional customers, including supermarkets and restaurants, for the sale of our goods. Excellent market conditions, including high demand, low supply, and lack of competition, in conjunction with our superior products, allow Northrise Farms to sell its products at a premium price. We then reinvest a portion of the profits into furthering the growth of our operation.

As part of our mission to help enhance economic progress, reduce poverty, and establish sustained reductions in undernourishment across Sub-Saharan Africa, Northrise Farms, through agriculture, provides much-needed revenue for the self-sustainability of NU, in addition to its employment of local Zambians. To these ends, Northrise Farms currently uses thirty-two acres for banana production; has three chicken houses, processing over one thousand chickens a month; raises a thirty-two cow herd; produces twelve acres of maize (corn); and grows vegetables and peanuts.

And our prospect of success will only increase. With banana production as our main farming activity, along with our cattle breeding program, we intend to expand our activities to include one hundred acres of bananas; six chicken houses; one hundred fifty head of cattle; and fifty acres of maize, wheat, and beans. In addition, we plan to plant a ten-acre fruit orchard and raise tilapia in a twenty-acre fishery.


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