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Published: 30 July 2009

Northrise University School of Business

Once upon a time there was a barren land of ant hills and red soil. A land habited by creeping and crawling creatures. Where only shrubs, wild trees and grass grew. Today, there is a din of cranking machinery; battery powered cement-mixing machines, brick making molds and water generators. The Northrise land is composed of 600 plus acres donated by the Zambian government. The land has been divided into the main campus and Northrise Farms. A system of emerging road networks joins the 640 acres into an area that can easily be viewed on google earth.

The first of the infrastructure on the land was on Northrise Farms. Now the din of construction works is concentrated on the main campus site. The dorm currently houses most of Northrise’ students that are not local to Ndola. A few meters from the dorm the Business School is under way. Serious construction began in April of this year. This delay was due to the difficulty inherent in building during the rainy season. Zambia has rainfall from mid to late November until some time late in April. The rains hindered the construction works but did not halt them completely.

Today the Business School building is at window level. The construction is progressing at a fast paced rate. The weather offers favorable building conditions during this time of the year. Best of all, the contractor is dedicated, working as unto the Lord. The building will house two computer labs and six classrooms. Each room will sit 40 students. The total student capacity for the building is 300. Two large tutorial rooms have also been included in the building plan. This will offer a spacious environment for more students to attend tutorials. The building is also set to include the necessary amenities such as a building should have. These include a lounge, restrooms, and a reception area.

Students and instructors are looking forward to the day when the first lesson will be conducted at the Northrise Business School building. Estimated enrollment levels are increasing each year and it is indeed time we moved to the land.

We are thankful to our God for what has been accomplished so far in the building of the business building.  To date, we have secured the doors and door frames, floor tiles, roofing material, the ceiling, and paint.  Please pray with us as we are looking for furnishing and equipment for the lecture theaters, the classrooms, computer labs, the lounge, and tutorial rooms.  Thank you for being part of what the Lord is doing in Zambia, changing lives – one student at a time..


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