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Published: 29 June 2009


Dr. Tom Wolthuis arrived in Ndola Zambia on the 20th June 2009. It is his first time visiting Ndola let alone Zambia, Africa. Dr. Tom Wolthuis is a qualified instructor at Dordt College lecturing in the school of Divinity. He is part of the academic exchange program that Northrise University has engaged in with Dordt College. He has traveled from the USA to come and share his knowledge of New Testament Theology to the students at Northrise who are pursuing their degree in Theological studies.

Dr. Tom

For the next six weeks, Dr Tom, as we have all fondly come to call him partly because his last name is very difficult for most of us to pronounce, will be meeting with students of Theology for three days in a week and they will take a journey in New Testament Theology. Dr. Tom is a man who is keen to share and teach what he knows but more interesting is his eagerness to learn all he can about Africa, Zambia in particular and our way of life. So far he attests that he has had a great time in class and even intimated to Moffat that this is what college teaching should be like. The students are engaging and even though his class runs for only two hours some students have been heard expressing the fact that it would be interesting to run for even three. This is really a thrilling experience for both student and lecturer.

Dr. Tom has been sharing his experience of Africa and Northrise University through his blog and he hopes that the next time he comes over maybe his wife could come along so she can also bless the students with the knowledge she has in IT. Dordt College is fully committed to this newfound partnership with Northrise University and so are we. As we grow as a University so will the academic exchange program.

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