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Published: 5 March 2010

At Northrise University, we have reasons to be proud of our alumni. Over 80% of our former students have been absorbed in the industry. A few have followed their dreams and started new companies while others are already enjoying the challenges and satisfaction that comes with reaching the next level within their organizations.  The Media Team was privileged to talk to one of the NU Alumni, Jerald Kanyanta.  Follow me as I zoom in on him; lets take a closer look at his story…

Jerald was born in the family of ten (10) and he is the sixth born child. His Dad, who is now retired, used to be a Lecturer at Mufulira College of Education.  Jerald’s hometown is Mufurila, a small town in the copperbelt region.

In 2002, Jerald completed his grade 12 and the one thing that was on his mind was to get into University.  While thinking of where to go, he came accross a Northrise University Advert in the newspaper. This was a good thing because all he had ever wanted for a career was computers. He came to Northrise with the thought that he would not be staying long. However, within a few days of being at NU, the whole idea changed.  “I was so priviliged to be part of that class… One thing I loved the most about NU was the balance between theory and hands on experience. That gave me a masive advantage in computers.” He says

Beside academics, Jerald speaks of learning how to believe in himself, and how to give birth to a dream/vision and believe in it. After graduation (class of 2006) He opened his own Business Centre at Kamuchanga Shoping Centre in his hometown. It was the first business centre in the area but today; the area has more than seven such centers. “It makes me proud to be the initiator of such a development in that community and I owe it to the skills I acquired at NU”.

After a year, Jerald was privileged to join a premier ISP Company in the country, Zamnet.  He worked as a Customer Support Specialist for a year and received a promotion to Network Specialist in the Networks Administration group. This Year, 2010, Jerald was considered for yet another promotion as Operations Manager – South (regional level). Today, Jerald is based in Livingstone – Zambia’s Tourist Capital – as Acting Operations Manager – South.

The greatest treasure I got from Northrise, apart from the education, is my understanding of how God wants me to be… “A people person…” Look at the sponsors; they don’t know any of us, yet through them God worked a miracle in my life… Northrise has changed my life… I have chosen to live not just for my family but for anyone in need; no mater who they are.”

In ending he says, “To me, Northrise University was a Life Changing, Mind Changing, and Character Shaping University.”


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