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Published: 10 June 2022

Northrise University reached yet another significant milestone. The University held its first ever pinning ceremony for the graduating nurses on the 3rd of June 2022. A pinning ceremony is a symbolic welcoming of newly graduated or soon-to-be graduated nurses into the nursing profession.

The Pinning is a ceremony that began in the 1860s. Queen Victoria awarded Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, the Red Cross of St. George in recognition of her service as a military nurse during the Crimean War. Since 1916 the Pinning has been the standard practice of welcoming those who aspire to venture into the nursing profession. In addition to the pinning of graduating nurses, candle lamps are lit, and the Florence Nightingale pledge is recited. The pledge refers to the fact that “The Lady of the Lamp”, would walk by the injured soldiers during the night. Representatives from the Ministry of Health’s various sectors, including the Provincial and District Health Offices, Ndola Teaching Hospital, Arthur Davison Children’s Hospital, Polytechnic School of Nursing, Twapia Clinic, and a team of nursing students from Baylor University, a Northrise partner across the continent, were in attendance at the ceremony.

Going by the theme “Dare to Soar” the event was nothing short of beauty. Christine Jaili, a nursing graduate expressed how unbelievable yet wonderful her journey has been. She stated how, despite the difficult journey, reaching the destination was a dream come true, and she was reassured of her decision. She also recognized the instilled principles of punctuality and hard work that she attained while working with Arthur Davison Children’s Hospital and Ndola Teaching Hospital during her practical in the nursing program.

Dr. Zimba expressed his delight in seeing the first-ever nursing students graduate stating, “nurses exemplify the best of our Christian faith through acts of service, sacrifice, and love for the community.”

Ms. Agnes Ndeke, a Clinical Instructor at Northrise University, said it was an emotional occasion for her to be a part of Northrise University’s inaugural class of nursing students, and having to see this event come to fruition fills her heart with happiness.

Dr. and Mrs. Zimba are to be commended for introducing the Bachelor of Nursing Program at Northrise University, including the benefits of financial aid which makes the high quality program more affordable for many.

It is great to see how encouraging and supportive the institution is with a focus on every student. We congratulate this team with tremendous joy, wishing them great success in their endeavors as they dare to soar.


Written by Lisa Chanda


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