Northrise University has Been One of the Best Decisions I’ve Ever Made…

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Published: 31 March 2022

Dr. Mulenga Chella’s Northrise story began in 2004. Ailing from a humble background meant he had to financially filter his dreams. However, fortunately for him, his dreams of pastoral education came true by virtue of the 100% sponsorship that Northrise offered to him just at its inception in 2004.

Upon graduation, his life drastically turned around when he was deceived into going to Tanzania on grounds of helping underprivileged children, which instead turned out to be a human trafficking scheme that led him to foreign prison. Dr. Chella describes his jail experience as painful, except for the times he could draw hope from the Bible, as well as the encouraging words that Dr. Zimba used to write to him.

By God’s benevolence, he was exonerated after serving two years in Prison. Upon release, he was embraced into the Northrise University community in spite of the stigma that surrounds ex-convicts in society. He immediately started pursuing his Degree. While at Northrise, he was appointed to represent the Northrise University student body in the USA, and meet with the Northrise Board.

In 2013, he married Hellen, graduated with a Degree in Theological Studies, and through Northrise University, he was granted a scholarship to study at Baylor University Texas, USA, where he acquired his Master’s Degree in Divinity, and then Doctor of Ministry. While studying at Baylor University, he pastored Little Ville Baptist Church, Adamsville Presbyterian Church, and interned at Cornerstone Christian Church.

In 2017, he and his family returned to Zambia to plant a church; Christ Life Church. Part of the now 500-member ministry is a pre-school in which 75% of the kids are sponsored OVCs. The ministry also provides Skills Training for adults.

Additionally, Christ Life Church has branches in different parts of Zambia. When asked about his thoughts on the future of Northrise, he first stretched on how the institution allowed him to start school penniless, and added, “I truly believe Northrise University has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The school has been a fountain of blessings for me. And ten years from now, I see Northrise producing thousands of people like me; who will literally transform our nation.” Dr. Chella Mulenga’s story is an epitome of triumph, as well as a depiction of how Northrise University gains interest in not only the academic but personal lives of its students. The University is blessed to have returned Dr. Chella as one of its part-time lectures.


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