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Published: 16 September 2019


The 9th of September 2019 marked the beginning of health week. This years health week focused not only on physical health but mental and spiritual health as well. A few students reacted to this weeks activities and events and here’s what they had to say;

Abraham and I were spearheading the mental health section of Northrise University’s health week. The three activities we organized helped us promote mental awareness. It was fun seeing my fellow students get involved in the three activities we had. These being ‘The window of opportunities’, ‘balloon message’, and ‘buddy support system’. The activity I liked was the window of opportunities which allowed students to encourage each other through words written on a sticky notes and stuck on a window. I’ve heard life changing stories this week from the interactions I’ve had with other students. – Malama Ngosa


I appreciate Northrise University for this health week. It was a great opportunity for every student because most don’t have the courage to go out to health centers to have a health check-up. A word of encouragement to everyone out there that may have an illness, curable or incurable, DO NOT GIVE UP, DO NOT BE A PRISONER OF YOUR ILLNESS because it’s not a life sentence but a life lesson and always act real when you know it’s right. – Katuta Mwenya


The response to this week’s events, has been overwhelming. Raising mental health awareness is a good thing. I’ve come to realise that not so many people understand that mental health goes beyond ‘Ukupena’ (Insanity). Once you explain what mental health entails you discover that people begin to open up and realise that they are going through mental health issues. – Abraham Kanyanta


I think that it’s pretty cool that Northrise is endorsing mental health awareness. As someone who has gone through things that affected my mental health at one point in life, I am happy because people who might go through what I went through will have people in close proximity to help them. – Leya Muleya


I liked how students got together and talked beyond the classroom. It broke the “Clique” barrier. – Chisha Simpokolwe



Written by Abraham Kanyanta, Leya Muleya, Malama Ngosa and Mwenya Katuta.
Photo Credit: Chisha Simpokolwe


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