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Published: 20 December 2011

Northrise commercial, seen throughout Zambia!

As the 2011 academic year came to an end, the staff of Northrise University rolled out a campaign to recruit the best and brightest students from all over Zambia to enroll for the 2012 term.  The new semester begins on January 30th, and Northrise is trying to recruit  a total of 240 new students!  The commercial above, will be shown on Zambian television all over the country, as well as on 54 commercial LCD screens in Ndola, Lusaka, Livingstone, and Kitwe with specific spots like the Ndola airport and Electricity and Water utility paypoints being targetted.  In addition to this nationally televised commercial, Northrise Services has created radio adverts, a full page ad in Education Link (a Zambian Education Guide), and will place posters in 12 towns all over Zambia.  Christ-Centered education is going to bring about real change in Zambia, and the growth of Northrise University will help make that possible.

In addition to the commercial spot above, Northrise Services has launched an extensive Facebook campaign, targeting the growing number of new users in Zambia.  “The number of young people signing on to Facebook in Zambia is increasing every day. It makes sense to use that as a tool to recruit new students to Northrise,” said Adam Sallee, NUI staff in Houston, TX.  “Northrise is working hard to make a difference in Zambia.  The more people are exposed to that work, the better.”  To date, over 100,000 Zambian Facebook users and potential students have seen the posts, and many have clicked on the website to learn more about Northrise University!

Will you pray with us for the students applying to come to Northrise in 2012?

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