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Published: 13 August 2009



Isn’t it nice to look back at those old school memories after you’re all grown and out of University? Some of these, happy while others seemed sad and frustrating at the time, but now you can’t help but laugh when you think about them. Many attributes of school life contribute to these reminiscent memories. One attribute for most is accommodation. Apart from just providing a place to stay for students, Northrise takes extra care to provide only the best service at its dormitories

To enhance the memories of the students while also making their stay comfortable, Northrise has set certain standards. Northrise University dorms are one of the most immaculate in the country. It has been furnished with state of the art furniture. Lounge suits, a functioning kitchen, student’s rooms, etc; have been tailored to the students’ comfort. Students staying there admit it’s a good environment to study as well. Chibale Chibale, a student staying there puts it well when she says, “the rooms are spacious, clean, nice and quiet. I study so well there.”

The dormitory has been built to carter for a total of 56 students. One part of the dormitory allows for 40 male students while the other part, 16 female students. It is strategically located at the future campus site, along the Ndola-Kitwe dual carriageway. It’s only about 15 minutes’ ride from the current campus building in the heart of the Ndola town. Students are provided with transportation to and from the University at a small contribution. Accommodation priority is given to students coming outside of Ndola, and for returning students; GPA and previous behaviour play a role in this criterion.

Students are given the opportunity to plan their own budget, menu, cleaning and extracurricular activities. They also do their own cooking and buying of groceries. So yes, life at the dorms is pretty much like a big family rather than “each one for him or herself.” As a way of strengthening their spiritual faith, students at the dorms scheduled meetings for Bible study when school opens in the third term. “We plan to meet on Saturday afternoon’s when school opens again,” said Chibale. Students are encouraged to be in doors by 8pm every day. For security, Northrise University has put in place an efficient security system, an electric wire fence, which is kept on at all times. The system is built with its own power saving mechanism. This safeguards any security breach when a power outage occurs. In addition, security guards are present at all times to ensure that everything is in order.

Because of the excellence (Being excellent at what is good) that Northrise University offers, students come from all over Zambia and Africa! Accommodation is available for them. More dormitories will be built in the future. The next dormitory building will commence soon.

by Enock and Banji


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