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Published: 22 June 2010



Twelve media team members all sat in the meeting with their faces brightly lit. As an old media team member, I was privileged to be part of the meeting. The growth in the number of members was very encouraging for the team. Though held in the cold season, that particular day, dated, June 14th 2010, was fairly warm and sunny.

One of the main reasons for the meeting was to introduce the new team members. Besides this, the staff members reiterated why the media team was formed; the sole purpose of its existence. Students were also assured that the staff team would rally behind them. These words were music to our ears as it meant that we would not only continue being provided with the needed resources but we would also be given physical support.

In closing, students were given a forum to make suggestions and propose ideas on how the entire team can work more efficiently. Suggestions brought forward included  scheduling meeting with other media teams from different institutions to share ideas. To crown it all, each of us was asked why we chose to be a part of this team. In response to the question, we were reminded that self motivation and zeal are the driving forces behind an efficient media team member.

by Chibozu Maambo


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