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Published: 14 September 2010




Devin Bell! 21 year old American male…

So? There are millions of those by some estimates. What makes this one special?
Well, he’s the first Northrise University Exchange Student from Dordt College! Remember that partnership agreement?

Devin is the first to come to Zambia from Dordt and, as Mrs. Zimba put it, “His name is forever etched in the chronicles of Northrise University” ( paraphrased).

So after I was done poking him to make sure he was real, I sat down with him so I’d get to know him better. And it turned out he is this fascinating mix of energy and humility. So I poked him again.

Devin is a 3rd year student at Dordt studying Agriculture Missions, what he describes as Agriculture with some “Theology in there”. From what I understood, there’s also traveling involved (Missions. D’oh!)

From Montana and raised on a farm, Devin said he hoped his experience in Africa would be like an eye opener, an opportunity to learn about life in other cultures. With his keen interest in agriculture he also hopes to learn some things from NU and typically he spends quite a bit of time at Northrise Farms when he is not in the Zambian studies, Hebrew, or Bible Interpretation classes.

Outside of that, he is an immensely friendly and approachable guy who seems to be settling pretty fast, pretty well. “I wanted to come over and just live…” Okay, new environment, new people, culture, friends…. live you will.
Zambia and Northrise University welcomes you Devin Bell!

by Kanyanta Mubanga


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