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NUCare is a first-class medical clinic designed to address the health and wellness needs of the Northrise Community. The mission of NUCare is to holistically attend to the health needs of Northrise students, faculty, staff, and their families. NUCare offers a wide range of services, including basic care such as health check-ups and first-aid, to extended services such as diagnostics, therapeutic, and preventative health care. Staffed by a full-time nurse, visiting Doctor, and support staff, NUCare also provides wellness support through psycho-social counseling to all students and regular screening services to students living in Campus Housing.

We believe in the value of nurturing the whole student. Having a fully functional medical facility on campus allows Northrise students the freedom to receive treatment and prevention services when in need.

When resources allow, NUCare's medical reach extends well beyond our campus, including the immediate low-income communities like Twapia and George Compound through various medical outreach programs.

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